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Get Paid to Search!

Did you ever think that you can get paid to search the interwebs. Yes! The companies featured here will help you to earn money while you search. However, you won't necessarily get paid using traditional search engines, but these paid-to engines work on evaluation and ad impressions for every search

Swagbucks ★★★★
Swagbucks let you earn money to play around on the world wide web. It doesn't require much extensive work on your end. All you need to do is install their search bar on your computer. You will earn points for searching, taking surveys and watching targeted videos. And, you do that all with a SWAGG!

Cashout: Points only exchanged for gift cards
Zoombucks ★★☆☆☆
Zoombucks is built on a similar platform as Swagbucks. You earn money for searching, watching videos, playing games and taking surveys.

Cashout: 20$ via Paypal
Bing ★★★★
Bing offers rewards for every search you make. You are limited to number of rewards you can earn per day on a desktop platform or a mobile device. You can also participate in daily draws and earn more points as you level up.
Update: Bing stopped its services in India as of December 2016.

Cashout: Coupons, draws and gift cards

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