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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get paid?
Most of these websites require you to have a Paypal account. Other sites featured here have an option to send a check or to exchange your points with gift cards or other payment methods.

How do I open a Paypal Account?
Sign up on the Paypal website or mobile application. Make sure to use valid credentials. Recently, Paypal requires you to add a form of identification to your account. At a later point, you will link your Paypal account to your bank account to make transfers.
What is the cost involved to join these websites?
All the websites listed on EarnRupeesOnline are free to join. However, you can upgrade to a premium membership depending upon points and usage.
Will I get a bunch of email daily?
No. It depends on the way you set your account.
What is referral system?
Referral system is a two step process. First, you use your sharing link to share with users over social media, WhatsApp and other forums. Secondly, when users register using your link to join and start earning money, you receive a percentage of what they earn. This doesn't stop there. Most of the sites featured have a multi-level hierarchical system, so you keep earning as long as there are referrals down the line.

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